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Lt. Ernest Anders Erickson
Air Corps 1942 - 1945

Click to view Lt. Ernest Anders Erickson's complete thirty five 
mission list and twelve B-17 Flying Fortresses flown between
March 27th thru August 26th, 1944 out of Horham Airfield, England.

Lt. Ernest Anders Erickson (on the right) happily found out he had a buddy from Bismarck that had arrived at Horham in April of 1944. Staff Sergent Lyle W. Porter was a Waist Gunner with the 336th Squadron. Lyle is on left along with a fellow crew member Staff Sergent Len S. Fletcher (Tail Gunner) in the middle.

My dad wrote home a few times about Lyle, calling him the Porter Boy. Their age difference was only 2 years, but still that made a difference back then. Lyle was an enlisted airman and my father an officer. They were buddies, so in the long run that held far more significance during and after the war back in Bismarck.

Staff Sergent Lyle W. Porter was wounded in action on June 18th, 1944 on his 16th Mission over Misberg (Hanover), Germany aboard the B-17 Pretty Bay (42-106993). He recovered and return to combat flying on July 6th. For his service, he was awarded the Purple Heart, Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal.

Lyle was born in Bismarck on March 6, 1924, to the late Clarence and Alvina (Gewecke) Porter. Lyle attended Bismarck High School. In 1943, he joined the U.S. Army Air Corps and was stationed in Horham Airfield, England. For his service, he was awarded the Purple Heart, the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal.

In the very early 1940s, Lyle wrote for the sports section of The Bismarck Tribune. In 1946-47, he attended General Motors Institute of Technology in Flint, Michigan. Upon graduation, he went to work and became manager of Fleck Motors Oldsmobile & Pontiac. In 1958, he changed careers, became a licensed realtor, and founded Porter Real Estate, which he owned and operated for 30 years.

Staff Sergent Lyle Porter accomplished 30 missions between May 1st and September 3rd, 1944 The crew's full 30 missions are listed below along with a crew photograph.

5/1/1944 Sarreguemines (France) 42-97205 - (B-17G)
5/12/1944 Brux (Czechoslovakia) 42-102505 - (B-17G)
5/13/1944 Osnabruck (Germany) 42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)
5/19/1944 Berlin (Germany) 42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)
5/20/1944 Brussels (Belgium) 42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)
5/28/1944 Dessau (Germany) 42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)
5/30/1944 Brussels (Belgium) 42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)
6/1/1944 Boulogne (France) 42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)
6/2/1944 Acheres (France) 42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)
6/4/1944 Boulogne (France) 42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)
6/5/1944 Normandy (France) 42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)
6/6/1944 Normandy (France) 42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)
6/8/1944 Normandy (France) 42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)
6/12/1944 Normandy (France) 42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)
6/14/1944 Chievres (Le Culot) (Belgium) - 42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)
6/15/1944 Misberg (Germany) 42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)
6/18/1944 Misberg (Hannover) (Germany) 42-106993 - Pretty Baby (B-17G)
7/6/1944 TACTICAL (France )42-31376 - (B-17G)
7/8/1944 TACTICAL (France) 42-97205 - (B-17G)
7/17/1944 TACTICAL (France) 44-6098 - (B-17G)
7/18/1944 TACTICAL (France) 44-6098 - (B-17G)
7/20/1944 Lutzkendorf (Germany) 44-6098 - (B-17G)
7/21/1944 Regensburg (Germany) 44-6098 - (B-17G)
7/24/1944 TACTICAL (France) 44-6098 - (B-17G)
7/25/1944 TACTICAL (France) 44-6098 - (B-17G)
7/31/1944 Munich (Germany) 44-6098 - (B-17G)
8/25/1944 Politz (Germany) 42-97257 - Knock-Out Baby! (B-17G)
8/26/1944 Brest (France) 42-97334 - Haard Luck (B-17G)
9/1/1944 TACTICAL (France) 42-97334 - Haard Luck (B-17G)
9/3/1944 TACTICAL (France) 42-97334 - Haard Luck (B-17G)

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