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Lt. Ernest Anders Erickson
Air Corps 1942 - 1945

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mission list and twelve B-17 Flying Fortresses flown between
March 27th thru August 26th, 1944 out of Horham Airfield, England.

My father Lt. Ernest Anders Erickson (in center of photo marked with red dot) with 334th Squadron - 95th Bomb Group - 8th Army Air Corps 13th Combat Bombardment Wing - 3rd Bombardment Division. Photograph taken on September 7, 1944 at Horham Airfield in England.

Army 8th Air Corps airmen and ground crew use bombs to write "200" on airfield, celebrating completion of their 200th mission.

Ernest piloted Twelve B-17s during his many months at Horham: Lili of the Lamplight (44-6085)Taint A Bird II (230342) * Fireball Red (231876) Able Mable (231920) * Mirandy (231992) * Gen'ril Oop & Lili Brat (231993) To Hell Or Glory (238123) * Ten Aces (238178) * Smilin' Sandy Sanchez (297290) Paisano (2102450) * Stand By / Goin' My Way (21072014) The Doodle Bug / What’s Cookin? (2107047) * To Hell Or Glory (238123

Below photograph you can read about the specifics of the twelve B-17s.

By the time of this photo, my father had completed his 35 missions and was awaiting orders on a transfer he had requested to fly the B-29 Superfortress. He continued on at Horham flying repaired and newly arrived B-17s, checking them for combat flying. He was happy to stay in country and his days of combat flying were over. By the end of the year he moved onto his next assignment.

His last Mission #35 was completed on August 26, 1944, a mission over Brest, France. Specifics of the mission: 359 B-17s are dispatched to attack gun batteries in the Brest, France area; targets are the bridge at Brest/Pont de St Mathieu (35) and coastal batteries at Kerandieu (27), Cornovailles (21), Brest/Ile Longue (20), Brest/Kerviniov (9) and Brest/Ponscorf (7); targets of opportunity are the bridges at Brest/Point des Espagnoles II (21) and Brest/Pont des Espagnoles III (18); 3 B-17s are damaged beyond repair and 4 damaged; 18 airmen are Killed in Action. The escort is provided by 49 P-51s; 1 P-51 is lost.

His first 35 missions you can read about here:

35 missions between March 27th through August 26th of 1944

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