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Lt. Ernest Anders Erickson
Air Corps 1942 - 1945

Click to view Lt. Ernest Anders Erickson's complete thirty five 
mission list and twelve B-17 Flying Fortresses flown between
March 27th thru August 26th, 1944 out of Horham Airfield, England.

Here is a list of Lt. Ernest Anders Erickson's complete thirty- five missions flown between March 27th and August 26th, 1944 out of Horham Airfield in England. Accompanying is a list of the twelve B-17s he piloted during this period.

The twelve B-17s names they went by and their serial numbers: Lili of the Lamplight (44-6085) * Taint A Bird II (230342) * Fireball Red (231876) Able Mable (231920) * Mirandy (231992) * Gen'ril Oop & Lili Brat (231993) Ten Aces (238178) * Smilin' Sandy Sanchez (297290) * Paisano (2102450) Stand By / Goin' My Way (21072014) * The Doodle Bug / What’s Cookin? (2107047) To Hell Or Glory (238123)

Ernest joined the Air Corps in March of 1942 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and left his hometown of Bismarck, North Dakota in April seeking his pilot wings.

He was 19 and 20 years old at this time. Ernest had only been as far as Washington state from Bismarck before that day in 1942 when he stepped down onto the train station in San Antonio, Texas to see if he had what it took to pilot of a fighter plane or bomber.

Ernest graduated from Blackland Airfield in October of 1943 and received his wings and became a B-17 pilot. He then made a beeline for a visit to his family in Dakota before he was sent overseas for combat flying.

Ernest left the states in January of 1944 and was permanently stationed at Horham Airfield in England with the 95th Bomb Group (Heavy) through October of 1944.

Lt. Ernest Anders Erickson flew thirty five missions over German occupied Europe with the 334th Squadron and came home without a scratch, yet had many life changing experiences and memories that he dealt with well over the rest of his life.

Growing up with him as his son I was fortunate to hear many of his Air Corps tales and the rest were left for me to discover in his archives. Ernest's letters and mission notes told another fascinating level of his story that is both compelling and awe inspiring. Many of these can be found on various pages of this website. I invite you to peruse the site and read some of his letters.

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