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Family Photographs, Documents & Collections from 1820 - 2019
Sweden * England * Lebanon * France * Italy * Germany * Prussia
New York City * California * North Dakota * Oregon * Colorado

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Ernest Julius Erickson's postcard
dated August 13, 1910

Sister & Brother Abbie Ebba Kristina &
Frank Erickson - Missouri River - ND

Great grandparents Christine (Olson) &
Anders Erickson - Regan, ND 1910

Dian Marcella (Erickson) & Floyd Boutrous
The Havana Club, Mandan, ND in 1961

Clara Amelia (Erickson) Nelson & her
brother Albert (Bob) Nelson 1911

Frank Gustaf Severin Erickson
Wilton, ND 1911

Uncle Andy Sebran Erickson's
postcard October 13th, 1910

Dian Marcella Erickson with
her grandmother Christine
(Olson) Erickson 1944

Great grandmother Christine (Olson) Erickson
& her children Regan, ND 1911

Ernest Anders & Frank Erickson
with Roscoe Corell - Bismarck 1946

Christine Brita Kristina (Olson)
& Anders Alfred Erickson
Wilton, ND 1910

Wilton Market Day - 1914 - Christine Brita
(Olson) & her son Alphons "Al" Erickson

Bernice Lane (Erickson) Hesslein
Waverly Place - Greenwich Village 1940s

My Grandfather Maximilian "Max"
Hesslein - Central Park NYC 1940

Ernest Anders Erickson
Mount Rushmore in South Dakota 1952

My Uncle Helmer Erick Olaf Erickson
traveling musician 1920s

Zena (Zenaieda) Abbie (Henninger Wanner)
Erickson at 4 years old 1932

My Uncle Sture Albin Nelson
Navy 1918

My Grandfather Frank Erickson takes
a boxing pose in Daly City, Ca. 1910

My Uncle Pfc. Ernest Julius Erickson
Fort Lewis - Washington State 1917

My Uncle August Valentine Nelson 1920s

An Erickson Clan get together
at 801 Jefferson Ave. in
Bismarck 1942

An Erickson family & friends card
game out on the Dakota plains 1910

Lt. Ernest Anders Erickson - Pheasant
hunt along the Missouri River 1944

Great Grandparents Christine &
Anders Erickson with Ronny Erickson

Anders Alfred Erickson 1895
Steam Timber Cutting Tractor
Torpshammer, Sweden

My Aunt Dian Marcella & her
brother Ernest Anders Erickson
Bismarck 1953

Aunt Abbie Kristina (Lincoln)
& her brother Frank Erickson & my
grandmother Clara Amelia Nelson
Wildwood Lake 1921

Clara Amelia (Erickson) Nelson; 1918 Model T Ford
Painted Woods, ND 1919

Clara Amelia (Erickson) Nelson
& Mrs. Hildebrand
Painted Woods ND 1918

My Uncle Sture Albin Nelson
Los Angeles, California 1940s

Della Nassif Boutrous
March 8th, 1970
Mandan N.D. Morning Pioneer

My Grandmother Clara Amelia
(Nelson) Erickson - Bismarck 1935

My father Ernest Anders Erickson
Sunset Beach, Ca. late 1960s

Ernest Anders Erickson's collection
Family correspondences - 1900 - 2013

Brothers in Regan, ND 1911
My Great Uncle Fred & Great
Grandfather Anders Erickson

The Nelson Siblings; Clara Amelia (Erickson)
August Valentine, Anton Tony & Albert
"Bob" Nelson in Painted Woods, ND 1920

Three postcards 1917 & 1918 of my
grandfather Frank Gustaf Severin Erickson

Erickson/Nelson Family 1930
Painted Woods, North Dakota

Ernest Anders Erickson at eight years old
Bismarck ND 1930

My Aunt Dian Marcella Erickson at
twelve years Bismarck- June 1952

Lt. Ernest Anders Erickson on leave
October of 1943 - Bismarck ND

My Uncle Alphons "Al" Fred Alkallar
Erickson - Bismarck ND 1925

My Grandmother Clara Amelia (Nelson) Erickson's
Choke Cherry Trees - 801 Jefferson Avenue
Spring & Summer of 1968

My Aunt Dian Marcella Erickson at
thirteen years old Bismarck ND 1953

My father Ernest Anders Erickson
at six years old in Wilton, ND 1928

My Great Grandfather Anders Erickson
tending to his horses - Regan, ND 1912

Frank Erickson & Uncle Sture Albin Nelson
Wildwood Lake, ND - Summer 1921

Frank G.S. Erickson at five years old
Sundsvall, Sweden in 1897 - Photograph
of Frank is from a postcard dated
September 28th, 1911

My Grandfather Frank & his four year
old daughter, Dian Marcella Erickson 1944

Cousin Benet Ripin before a
1934 Boeing Stearman Model 75 biplane
Ebbets Airfield, Brooklyn 1938

My Cousin Ronny Erickson on the corner
of 2nd & Main - Bismarck, ND 1939

My cousin Ruth (Ripin) Juda sitting
in the garden of the Nathan Family House
in Far Rockaway, Queens 1937

My cousin Lt. Benjamin Nathan Rippe
October 24th, 1943 in New York City

Dian Erickson & Family Portrait May 1944

Ernest Anders Erickson
Minneapolis, Minnesota 1924

Donald Robert & Zena Abbie
(Wanner - Henninger) Erickson in 1931

Ernest Anders Erickson
Bismarck Tribune Newsboy 1939

Winnie & Sadie Nathan NYC 1887

Ernest Anders Erickson
Bismarck High School - 1941

Floyd Nick Boutrous 1984

Clara Amelia (Nelson) Erickson
Painted Woods, ND 1919

Della Nassif Boutrous 1961
Attiyeh Convention - Bismarck Tribune
June 10th, 1961

Erickson & Nelson Family
Missouri River 1925

Ernest Anders Erickson
along the Missouri River in 1929

Erickson Family
Missouri River 1927

Dian (Erickson) & Michael &
Al Boutrous - 1985

Painted Woods - Ghylin Township
North Dakota - Late 1980s

Clara Amelia (Nelson) Erickson & Her
Grandson Steven Boutrous 1987

Steven Boutrous - Bismarck Demons
State Football Championship 1984

Steven Boutrous - North Dakota State
Wresting Champion 1985

Michael Boutrous - Mat Side
Bismarck High School Wresting Match

Bernice Lane (Hesslein) Erickson
in Munich, Germany 1970

Clara Amelia (Nelson),
Ernest Anders Erickson &
Dian Marcella (Erickson) Boutrous 1990

Ernest Julius Erickson
Tacoma, Washington in 1917

Dian Marcella Erickson
Bismarck 1943

Boutrous Erickson 1961

Ernest Julius Erickson
Wilton, ND 1911

Ernest Anders &
Bernice Lane (Hesslein) Erickson
The Parthenon in Athens, Greece

Bernice Lane (Hesslein),
Mark Jon & Ernest Anders Erickson
The Grauman's Chinese Theater
Hollywood, California

Boutrous Erickson Cousins
Mark Jon Erickson & Steven Boutrous
San Francisco, California

Mark Jon Erickson 2018
Oakland Studio in California

Bernice Lane (Hesslein) Erickson
New York City 1940

Frank Severin Erickson
Wilton, North Dakota 1909

Lt. Ernest Anders, Dian Marcella
& Frank Severin Erickson 1945

Christine Brita (Olson) and
Anders Alfred Erickson 1910

Frank Severin Erickson
Daly City, California 1910.

Ernest Anders Erickson 1924
Painted Woods, North Dakota

Ernest Julius Erickson
Wilton (ND) Pool Hall 1914

Ernest Julius Erickson - Deputy
La Grande, Oregon 1917

August and Anders Nelson 1910
Painted Woods, North Dakota

Lt. Ernest Anders Erickson
Bismarck, ND 1944

Ernest Anders & Roscoe Corell
Bismarck, ND 1946

Gerde (Miljander) & Anders Nelson 1922
1921 Friend (convertible) Motor Car
Painted Woods, North Dakota

Clara Amelia (Nelson) Erickson
& Nick Boutrous
Bismarck, ND 1993

The Olson Family 1922
Wilton, North Dakota

Klavdia (Khalflova) Erickson
Russian Military Nurse 1915

Four Generation of Nelsons,
Olsons & Hultbergs
Wilton ND 1944

Nelson Olson Family 1922
Wilton, North Dakota

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