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Family Photographs  - 1865 - 2017
Sweden * Italy * England * France * Germany
New York City * California * Colorado * North Dakota

Three Miles South of Regan, North Dakota
The Erickson Family Farm 1909.

First Photo Below:
My Great Grandparents Brita Kristina ‘Christine’ (Olofsdotter Olsson) & Anders Alfred (Ersson Eriksson) Erickson along with Anders' Brother Frederick Erickson, sitting and standing outside their Sod House on the Family Farm in 1909 three miles South of Regan, North Dakota.

Along with friends and farmhands, four of seven children of Brita and Anders stand alongside, Vera (Edla) Alfrida Elvira (Gallagher) & Alfons 'Al' Frederick Alcassar, Abbie (Ebba) Kristina (Lincoln) & Anders "Andy' Sebran Fillimon Erickson.

Photo by their son Ernest Julius Erickson

Second Photo Below:
Regan Family Farm * Harvest 1909
Anders Alfred & Brita Kristina ’Christine’ Ofofsdotter Olsson (Ersson Eriksson) Erickson & two of their seven children, Frank Gustaf Severin & Anders (Andy) Sebran Fillimon Erickson with Frederick Erickson (Brother of Anders Alfred) & the Regan Farmhands

Photo by their son Ernest Julius Erickson

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