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Family Photographs  - 1865 - 2017
Sweden * Italy * England * France * Germany
New York City * California * Colorado * North Dakota

The dramatic photograph below was taken in a Photographic Studio in Stockholm, Sweden of my Great Great Grandfather Eric Ersson (Erickson) in 1870.

Eric was born on November 21st, 1814 in Ljusnarsberg, Orebro, Sweden and lived his entire life there. He passed away on January 20th, 1888.

Eric's wife, my Great Great Grandmother was Lotta Jansdotter who was born on March 28th,1816 in Orebro and passed away there on March 22nd, 1885.

Eric and Lotta had 11 children: Eric, Jan Eric, Frank, Cathrina Charlotte, Stina Lovisa, Fredrick Ephraim, Erika Mathilda, Carolina, Anders Alfred I, Carl Gustaf and my Great Grandfather Anders Alfred Erickson, the youngest of the 11 children.

Besides the outstanding photograph of Eric, you'll find a page of family history, a seven generation Erickson Family Tree that goes back to January 23rd, 1683. On that date, my Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother Elisabeth Hansdotter was born in Orebro, Sweden. Wondering what Elisabeth was like and how her life progressed into the 16th century we will never know, but it's still intriguing to contemplate.

A map of Sweden is below, pinpointing Sundsvall, Torpshammer and Orebro where most of the Erickson Family originated.

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