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Family Photographs  - 1865 - 2017
Sweden * Italy * England * France * Germany
New York City * California * Colorado * North Dakota

My uncle Ernest Julius Erickson (on the left) with a friend sit for a portrait at his older brother Helmer's 'Erickson Studio' in Wilton, North Dakota in 1915. Ciggies blazing, these two dandies out for the day are surely styling. Ernest Julius's face in many of the photographs I have is compelling and handsome. He has a look of adventure and knowing.

Here at 26 years old he looks ten years older and wiser than someone today the same age. That era of the early 20th Century where folk appeared more seasoned and mature. You grew up faster then, work called sooner and on the farm a child was working in some fashion by the time they were 6 years old.

I so wish I could have known Ernest Julius. I am fortunate I can relive his life through the many letters, diaries, photographs and the stories told by my father, grandfather and others. I feel in some mystical way I do know him well.

The Erickson Studio embossment can be seen in the lower right corner.

Ernest Julius's three 1917 diary entries can be read below:

Ernest Julius Erickson's 'The Oregon Diary - From the Dakotas to Out West' - January 22nd - October 3rd, 1917

Ernest Julius Erickson's 'Deer Hunt Diary' September 18th - September 26th, 1917

Ernest Julius Erickson's in-the-field Argonne Forest diary entries from September 26th - October 8th, 1918

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