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My Great Uncle Anders Petter 'Ante' Sundin (center in photograph) playing music with two friends in Lyngstern, Sweden in 1927. Anders Petter was born on April 28th, 1863, in Stöde, Västernorrland, Sweden, to my Great Grandparents Karin Goransdotter and Olaf Petter Andersson.

Ante Sundin, as he was known in life in Lyngstern and in music circles, played and composed Traditional Swedish Folk Music. Anders was married to Brita Kajsa Lindqvist (photograph below taken in 1890) who was born on April 26th, 1870. Brita and Anders had ten children between 1893 and 1916: Gunnar Petter, Gerda, Jenny, Brita 'Elin' Elina, Einar, Signe, Valter, Hildur, Harry and Siri Olivia Sundin.

Anders Petter Ante Sundin was an accomplished musician, playing the Violin. He became well known in time and has influenced countless Swedish Traditional musicians. A instrumental by the contemporary Swedish band 'Draupner' is titled 'Ante Sundin,' it can be heard by using link below.

Draupner's instrumental 'Ante Sundin'

Anders Petter is the older brother of my Great Grandmother Christine Brita Kristina (Olofsdotter) Erickson and has two other sisters, Katarina Olivia (Olofsdotter) Backlund and Sigrid Elisabet Olofsdotter. Anders younger brother is Erik Olof Sundin. Anders Petter Ante Sundin passed in 1947 in Lyngstern, Sweden at the age of 84.

Another photograph of Anders Petter is below, standing with his Niece Solveig Lundquist in 1944, who lives in Tova and Sundsvall, Sweden She is the granddaughter of his sister Sigrid Elisabet. I owe Solveig, which means 'the way of the Sun' in Swedish, countless thanks in helping with the many additions to the Archive Family Project website. She has told me many stories and I look forward to many more. Solveig filled in missing tales and descriptions for multiple photographs I have wondered about for years. I will share some of her thoughts here.

Solveig writes:

Playing the violin seems to run in the family, like your Grandfather Frank's older borther Helmer Olof Erick who played violin when he came to America. Their mother, Christine Britta Kristina's Father Olof Petter and Grandfather Anders (also called 'Ryssmo Ante') played the violin and composed Swedish Traditional Folk Music. My Daughter Maria plays the violin and plays their songs. Now she teaches violin to children. She and her husband, Reinhold perform together, playing various instruments in local performances.

Christine Brita Kristina's Father, Olof Petter Andersson, was named Andersson after his father, Anders Rudin. Anders Rudin was named Nilsson from the beginning after his father Nils Eriksson, but took the name Rudin after the area he lived in, called Rude, Sweden.

As I have mentioned, Anders was also nicknamed 'Ryssmo Ante' because the area he lived in had been burned and looted by the Russians in the 18th century. Exciting story.

And in your regard, with your family name now as Erickson, previously the original shorter variant of Eriksson was Ersson. As you know with your Great Great Grandfather Eric Ersson. Your Great Grandfather Anders Alfred (son of Eric Ersson) took on Eriksson as his last name. Then soon after 1903, the name's final transformation was to Erickson, after Anders and your Great Grandmother Chrstine and family emmigrated from Sweden to America in 1903.

Pretty good stuff! You are indeed, 'the way of the Sun.' Thanks Solveig!

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