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Family Photographs  - 1865 - 2017
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My Great Uncle Erik Olof Sundin (also used the name Olson - son of Olof) is shown here in a photography studio portrait taken in Sundsvall, Sweden in 1890. Erik was born on July 25th, 1872 in Stöde Västernorrlands län, Medelpad, Sweden. He is the younger brother of my Great Grandmother Brita Kristina 'Christine' (Olofsdotter-Andersson-Olson) Eriksson-Erickson.

Erik has an older brother, Anders Petter 'Ante' Sundin (Olson) and two sisters, Katarina Olivia (Olofsdotter-Andersson) Backlund and Sigrid Elisabet (Olofsdotter) Andersson.

Erik Olof Sundin married his Amanda Kristina Nilsson in 1893 when he was twenty one years old. Soon enough, Erik and Amanda had three children, Ebba Kristina Sundin Björk, Elseba Dagny Amanda Sundin and Alcassar Marino Sundin-Sundeen.

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Unfortunately, soon after their third child Elseba, was born, Amanda passed away in 1900. Desolate and unsure what to do next, Erik Olof decided the best thing to do was to immigrate to America in 1903. He would leave his three children behind in Sweden, staying with relatives till he was settled in America. Once he passed through Ellis Island in New York City, Erik would travel to Kiron, Iowa to meet up with his cousin, Jonas Svensk (Swede). As time tumbled along, Erik journeyed to Minnesota, then Canada and finally settling in Oregon. His three children would eventually join him.

The first photograph below of Erik is from 1891 and the following image is from 1903. The last photo is Erik's son, Alcassar Marino Sundin-Sundeen in 1950 taken in Alaska, where he was working on a fishing boat. Erik passed away in Portland, Oregon in 1943.

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