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Family Photographs  - 1865 - 2017
Sweden * Italy * England * France * Germany
New York City * California * Colorado * North Dakota

Brita Kristina 'Christine' (Olofsfdotter-Andersson-Olson-Sundin) &
Anders Alfred (Ersson Eriksson) Erickson Family History

Anders & Christine and their five children came to North Dakota in the Spring of 1903 from Sweden and eventually settled onto a farm in Ghylin Township near Regan, North Dakota. A sixth child was born in 1905 in Bismarck, my Uncle Alphons 'Al' Fred Alkallar Erickson.

Brita Kristina 'Christine' (Olofsfdotter-Andersson-Olson-Sundin)
& Anders Alfred (Ersson Eriksson) Erickson were born in Sweden
Helmer & Ernest Julius Erickson were born in Torpshammer, Sweden.
Frank, Andy, Abbie and Vera were born in Sundsvall, Sweden.
Alphons was born in Bismarck, North Dakota.

The Swedish given names are listed first and Americanized name is next. Family Photograph taken in 1910 in Wilton, North Dakota at Helmer Erickson's 'Erickson Studio.'

top row - left to right:
Uncle Ernst 'Ernest' Julius Alfred Erickson born June 7th, 1889
Uncle Anders 'Andrew-Andy' Sebran Filimon Erickson born Feb. 18th, 1896
Grandfather Frans 'Frank' Gustaf Severin Erickson born December 12th, 1892
Uncle Erick Alof 'Helmer' Erickson born on February 5th, 1886

middle row - left to right:
Aunt Edla 'Vera' Alfrid Elivira (Gallager) Erickson born March 10th, 1902
Aunt Ebba 'Abbie' Angnis Kristina (Lincoln) Erickson born October 10th, 1898

bottom row - left to right:
Great grandmother Brita Kristina 'Christine'
(Olofsfdotter-Andersson-Olson-Sundin) (Eriksson) Erickson
born Dec. 28, 1864
Uncle Alphons 'Al' Fred Alkallar Erickson born August 6th, 1905
Great Grandfather Anders Alfred (Ersson-Eriksson) Erickson born May 21, 1860

Torpshammer, Sweden

Sundsvall, Sweden

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