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Family Photographs  - 1865 - 2017
Sweden * Italy * England * France * Germany
New York City * California * Colorado * North Dakota

A beautiful photograph of a family gathering of the Nathan, Ripin, Rippe, Hesslein, Ripinsky and Tyroler clan at the family home in Far Rockaway, Queens near the Atlantic Ocean in the mid 1930s. My Cousin Ruth (Ripin) Juda was kind enough to send me the attached note below to help me identify everyone in the photograph. She did a great job and I thank her.

Standing left to right:
My Great Uncle Edwin Nathan (brother of my Grandmother Blanche Rose, Sadie & Winnie) holding his dog, Cousin Robert Ripin (son of Sadie Nathan & Seymour Ripin), Great Uncle Maurice Rippe (husband of Winnie), Great Aunt Sadie (Nathan) Ripin (sister to my Grandmother Blanche Rose, Winnie & Edwin), Cousin Benet Ripin (son of Sadie & Seymour), my Grandfather Maximilian 'Max" Hesslein (husband to Blanche Rose) and Great Great Uncle Jacob Tyroler (husband to Great Great Aunt Minnie (Ripinsky) Tyroler). Minnie is the daughter of Robert Ripinsky, and brother of Solomon Ripinsky. Robert is the father of Seymour Ripin. Seymour changed the family name from Ripinsky to Ripin in the 1920s.

Sitting left to right:
My Grandmother Blanche Rose (Nathan) Hesslein, Cousin Ruth (Juda) Ripin (daughter of Sadie and Seymour), Aunt Winifred 'Winnie' (Nathan) Rippe (sister of my Blanche Rose, Sadie & Edwin) and Great Great Aunt Minnie (Ripinsky) Tyroler.

Missing are my Mother Bernice Lane (Erickson) Hesslein, Ruth's older sister Louise (Ripin) Miller and Cousin Edith Louise (Rippe) Weber and Cousin Benjamin 'Ben' Nathan Rippe.

Photograph by Ruth's father, Seymour Horatio Ripin.

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