m  a  r  k    e  r  i  c  k  s  o  n    p  a  i  n  t  i  n  g  s

Pvt. Frank Gustaf Severin (Ersson Eriksson) Erickson (308th Infantry - 77th Division)
Pfc. Ernest Julius Alfred (Ersson Eriksson) Erickson (361st Infantry - 91st Division)
Pvt. Anders (Andrew) 'Andy' Sebran Filomon (Ersson Eriksson) Erickson (101st Aero Squadron)
Ensign Sture Albin (Nilsson) Nelson (US Navy) 
Lost Battalion - October 2nd - 8th, 1918
American Expeditionary Force 1917 - 1919
Out West - Cowboy Photos - North Dakota - Oregon

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Frank at five years old
in Sundsvall, Sweden in 1897

Frank G. S. Erickson 1970
Hunting Trip in Dakota

Frank at eighteen years old
Wilton, North Dakota in 1911

Ernest Julius Erickson (on right) playing
pool at his Wilton Pool Hall in 1914

Pfc. Ernest Julius Erickson
American Expeditionary Force 1918

Andy Sebran & Frank Severin & their
mother Christine Brita (Olson) Erickson

Pfc. Ernest Julius Erickson &
his cousin Charlie Erickson in
Tacoma, Washington 1918

Frank on a deer hunt
Mount Baldy, Oregon 1917

Frank Severin Erickson
styling some serious cowboy gear

Pvt. Frank Severin Erickson's
Valorous Conduct Citation
November 14th, 1918

Pvt. Frank Severin Erickson's 1918

Ernest Julius's Confirmation document
November 29th, 1903
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran
Sunne Church in Slaughter, ND

Frank in La Grande, Oregon as a
deputy on the Oregon Railroad in 1917

From atop Ernest Julius's Wilton Pool Hall
Wilton, North Dakota 1914

PFC. Ernest Julius Erickson 1918
American Expeditionary Force
361st Infantry - Camp Lewis - Washington

Helmer Erick Erickson
July 4th, 1918
Wilton, North Dakota

Frank at 801 Jefferson Ave. in
Bismarck holding new puppy "Tiny"

George Palmer Lumber Company
in La Grande, Oregon 1917

Uncle Ernest Julius Erickson (left)
Wilton, North Dakota in 1912

Three brothers in Bismarck, ND in 1938
Uncles Andy Sebran & Alphonse &
my grandfather Frank Severin Erickson

Diary of Ernest Julius Erickson
September 26th to October 8th, 1918

The Ericksons - Uncle Helmer, Frank,
grandmother Clara, Uncle Andy & my father
Ernest Anders in Painted Woods, North Dakota
in 1925

Boys of the Dakota - Uncles Helmer &
Ernest Julius Erickson of the Dakota Blue Sox

An Erickson family favorite,
the cowboy actor Roy Rogers

Dakota Poster with Frank - Photographed by
his brother, Ernest Julius Erickson
in La Grande, Oregon in 1917

My grandfather Frank's "Certificate of
Citizenship" dated September 28th, 1942

Frank's American
Expeditionary Force
discharge paper. Dated
May 4th, 1925

Frank & other surviving soldiers of
"The Lost Battalion" in Apremont, France,
October 28th, 1918

Frank's American Expeditionary
Force records - June 17, 1933
Specifically noting his overseas service
August 8, 1918 through April 28th, 1919

Lost Battalion article
New York Evening Journal
November 15th, 1918

Pfc. Ernest Julius Alfred Erickson
American Expeditionary Forces
1917-1918; Runner, Sharp-Shooter
Sniper & Scout - 91st Division
361st Infantry - Company C

My great grandfather Anders Alfred Erickson
on the family farm in Regan, North Dakota in 1912.

Uncle Ernest Julius's photograph
of the entrance to
Fort Lewis, Washington in 1917

Uncle Ernest Julius at Fort Lewis
near Tacoma, Washington in 1917

Frank and Uncle Sture Albin Nelson
swimming in Wildwood Lake,
North Dakota in 1921

Uncle Ernest Julius's June 5, 1917
Army Registration from Baker, Oregon

Uncle Ernest Julius along the
trenches of Fort Lewis, Washington
training in late 1917

Frank's Life Insurance certificate
dated July 8th,1918

Frank wrote this letter from
Camp Mills, New York on August 6th, 1918

Frank wrote this letter from
Liverpool, England on August 20th, 1918

Frank wrote this letter from
"Somewhere in France" on September 24th, 1918

1918 forward mailing card from
Pvt. Frank Gustaf Serverin Erickson

Three Frank Erickson cards from 1917 & 1918

1937 letter to Frank Erickson from
the author of "The Lost Battalion"

Pvt. Frank Erickson wrote this letter from
Camp Kearny, CA on July 21st, 1918

PFC. Ernest Julius Erickson's
debarkation document July 8, 1918
The Karoa steamship sailed from
Brooklyn Harbor to
Liverpool, England

Frank Erickson wrote this letter from
Tacoma, Washington on June 9th, 1918

Frank & Ernest Julius worked as
Oregon Railroad Deputies in 1917

Frank wrote this letter on Nov. 15th, 1918
from the front lines in France

Pfc. Ernest Julius Alfred Erickson
joined the American Expeditionary
Forces in 1917

Frank wrote this letter on Nov. 25th, 1917
from White Pine, Oregon

Frank's forage cap while serving
with the American Expeditionary
Force in France

Frank wrote this letter on Dec. 14th, 1917
from White Pine, Oregon

Frank wrote this letter on
August 3rd, 1916 from Polaris, Montana

Frank went to Lost Battalion reunions over
the years and collected these articles

Frank wrote this letter on
March 23rd, 1917 from La Grande Oregon

Frank & his four year old daughter
Dian Marcella Erickson in Spring of 1944

Company A - North Dakota Infantry
American Expeditionary Force 1917 - Wilton, ND

Monument to The Lost Battalion
Apremont-Binarville Road
Argonne Forest, France

Pfc. Ernest Julius Alfred Erickson
document dated May 28th, 1919

1917 French poster
"Les Americains En France"
(Americans Arrive in France)

Pfc. Ernest Julius Erickson documents
dated August 6th, 1921 & August 18th, 1937

Frank wrote this letter on
August 15, 1914 from Phoenix, Arizona

My uncle Ensign Sture Albin Nelson
was in the Navy from 1917 - 1919

Frank wrote this letter on
May 21, 1915 from Armstead, Montana

Pvt. Frank Severin Erickson & Company H
at Apremont, France in 1919

Frank is referenced in the
Blood in the Argonne by Alan D. Gaff 2005

Frank is referenced in Lost Battalion -
Survivors of Minnesota & The Northwest
by Carl Peterson

History & Rhymes of the Lost Battalion
by Pvt. Lee "Buck" McCollum

Lost Battalion Newspaper articles

Pvt. Frank Gustaf G.S. Erickson's German
Luger brought back from France 1919

Pvt. Andy (Anders) Sebran Erickson
101st Aero Squadron Air Corps 1918

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