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Frank Severin Erickson
Ernest Julius Erickson
Andrew Anders Sebran Erickson
American Expeditionary Force 1918 - 1919
Out West & North Dakota

The documents here are related to my uncle, Pfc. Ernest Julius Erickson's (of Regan, North Dakota) final return to the states and eventual interment at Riverview Cemetery in Wilton, North Dakota.

The first document is an application for a headstone and the second document covers the return of his body from where he was killed in France, through to Antwerp, Belgium and then onto Brooklyn Harbor aboard the Steamer Wheaton on August 6th, 1921.

The oddity of the application for headstone reveals the date his body was shipped from Proctor, Vermont and arriving in Wilton was August 18th, 1937. That is a sixteen year difference from the bodies arrival on the east coast in 1921 and the arrival in Wilton in 1937. One has to wonder what became of Ernest Julius in the mean time between 1921 and 1937.

Below the documents is the River Cemetery (Wilton, North Dakota) headstone of my uncle, Ernest Julius Alfred Erickson 1889 - 1918.

Originally named Ernst (without the 'e") Julius Alfred (named after his father) Erickson, he was born in Torpshammer, Sweden and was one of the five sons of Christine Brita Kristina (Olson) and Anders Alfred Erickson.

Ernst was the brother to Helmer (Erick Alof) Erickson, my grandfather Frans (Frank) Gustaf Severin Erickson, Anders Sebran (Andrew-Andy) Filimon Erickson, Abbie Ebba Angnis Kristina (Lincoln) Erickson, Vera Edla Alfrid Elivira (Gallager) Erickson and Alphons "Al" Fred Alkallar Erickson.

Ernest Julius was twenty nine years old when he was killed by a German sniper in the Argonne Forest in France. He had been with the 361st Infantry of the 91st Division and was serving in Company C. Ernest had been in the intelligence section of the First Battalion through both Argonne Offensives in September and October of 1918. He had also been a scout, sniper, observer and runner.

These documents pretty much spell it out and nothing more to say, but only questions that will never be answered.

From everything I have read and from everyone that knew Ernest Julius, the consensus he was a very special, unique man who loved to write and sought adventure to the end.

To that, will be his lasting tribute.

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