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Frank Severin Erickson
Ernest Julius Erickson
Andrew Anders Sebran Erickson
American Expeditionary Force 1918 - 1919
Out West & North Dakota

A postcard my grandfather Frank sent to his brother Ernest Julius Erickson who at the
time was in the 361st Infantry Regiment at Camp Lewis in Washington state awaiting to
be sent to France. The card is dated February 7, 1918. The “Skookum” Regiment as it
was called was adopted from the Northwest Indians where the 361st was formed in 1917;
it is translated as: on-the-ball and trustworthy.

Frank would eventually join him in just a few months. Both would serve in
France in the Ypres-Lys; Meuse-Argonne; Lorraine campaigns in late 1918.

Here is a transcription of the postcard

Mr. Ernest Julius Erickson
Company 361st Infantry
Camp Lewis, Washington
dated February 7, 1918
(sent from Baker, Oregon)

Dear Brother Ernest,
I was examined last night and passed O.K. So I suppose
I’ll be in camp pretty soon. I am going out to work until I am
called. Will probably go to work in the coal mine.

This is a picture of the deer head after it was mounted. The 
taxidermist did a good job, which you can see by the photogaph.

With best wishes from Frank

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