Birdwire I & II (diptych)  2020

30" x 22" (each) 76cm x 56cm
30" x 46" (both) 76cm x 117cm

acrylic on canvas

Elena Erickson

There is a pure energy, intense color and sunlight shooting through these
paintings. Imagine reflections one can see when looking out through a train
window as it passes in a rush of movement through the myriad of shapes of
the low farmlands or far off townscapes. As the time moves on, a lightning
storm refracting the rays through the cut glass explodes in lit color and energy.

Then the full imagination unwinds when viewed as if through an old Parisian
church's stained glass windows reflecting the history of the painters of the past
dancing in the columns of history. The paintings shine in countless colors and
hues, as if the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) were sweeping across the vast
landscape of North Dakota or the northern territory of Scandinavia.

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