Filling The Sky 

30" x 22" (76cm x 56cm)

Acrylic on Paper

These Collage Paintings and Monotypes are available through the studio. Please send any inquiries of interest here to the Western edge and we would be most appreciative.

These works spring from time and memory. Like ghosts reappearing time after time in the pools of enchantment. Discarded paintings on paper, abandoned, left under the hedges, in the gullies, then reborn, reshaped and reimagined.

The quality of ink on paper is like no other, it shimmers and lays on the surface with a regal atmosphere. Our paintings rely on the spontaneous gestures and strokes applied during the various techniques we use. It's still a dance, a collaboration and when the stage is set just right, a magical last act is accomplished.

Pure abstraction is the focus, colors mingle, shapes and the illusion of depth exist. In that very arena of abstraction images of landscapes, aerial views, abstract figures and animal shapes will appear. It's what you see in the end that might matter.

Mark & Elena Erickson

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