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Family Photographs  - 1865 - 2017
Sweden * Italy * England * France * Germany
New York City * California * Colorado * North Dakota

On the Great Northern Plains of The Badlands of North Dakota 1951

My Father Ernest Anders Erickson's sister, my Aunt Dian Marcella Erickson married Floyd Nick Nassif Boutrous in 1961. With that marriage the incredible Attiyeh Family joined the family. Over the years I was fortunate to meet dozens of this amazing family: the Nassif's, Nicola's, Nemer's, Saba's, Masad/Massad's, Abraham's, Kellel's, and of course many a Boutrous’ - as well as other family names such as the Skaff’s, Homsey's, Bayda’s, Bashara’s, Shaheen’s…...

A recent find of this photograph was quite surprising. I restored the image and it unfolded into what you see here. Nothing better in this kind of work connected to the "Family Archive Project' is coming across a photograph I have never seen before, especially when it is of this fine quality.

Left to Right:
Sylvia Ann (Nassif Boutrous) Trent (upper left), next to her is her sister Lorna (Iverson Michaelson) Nassif Boutrous, both looking out of the shelter and both Floyd's sisters. George Massad, in front of Floyd's Mother Delleh ‘Della’ binto Jirji Nassif Attiyeh (Skaff) Boutrous wife of Ghattas ‘Attas’ Fares (Nicola Attiyeh) Boutrous Abu Dakken is George Massad’s Granddaughter Pam Massad (Jim Massad's daughter).

Then there is Delleh 'Della' and next to her is my Uncle Floyd Nick Nassif Boutrous. Following are Skeije ’Ski’ Massad (George Massad’s daughter), an unknown partially hidden woman, then Victoria ‘Vick’ Masad (Lewis's Masad's wife), Vivian Masad Coury (Lewis's daughter) and Floyd’s brother and son of Della, Theodore ‘Ted’ Nassif Boutrous.

Second Photograph Below:
The Delleh ‘Della’ binto Jirji Nassif Attiyeh (Skaff) Boutrous & Ghattas Ghattas ‘Attas’ Fares (Nicola Attiyeh) Boutrous Abu Dakken Family 1922 in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Delleh' & Ghattas with their five sons, Thomas 'Tom,' Theodore 'Ted,' George, Floyd & James 'Jimmie.' In time, Florence 'Flossy' (Nassif Boutrous) Nemer, Lorna (Nassif Boutrous) Iverson Michaelson and Sylvia Ann (Nassif Boutrous) Trent would join the family.

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