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Family Photographs, Documents & Collections from 1820 - 2019
Sweden * England * Lebanon * France * Italy * Germany * Prussia
New York City * California * North Dakota * Oregon * Colorado 

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Max & Blanche Rose (Nathan) &
Bernice Lane Hesslein NYC 1945

Elena Erickson Venice, California

Bernice Lane (Hesslein) Erickson &
friend Edith on the way to Cuba in 1940
USS George Washington

Frank Gustaf Severin (Erssson Eriksson) Erickson
Bismarck, North Dakota * 75th Anniversary 1947

Clara (Klara) Amelia (Nilsson Nelson)
& Dian Marcella Erickson
Bismarck, North Dakota 1943

Delleh 'Della' binto Jirji Nassif Boutous Attiyeh
& Ghattas Fares Boutrous Abu Dakken Family
Bismarck, ND 1940

Brita Kristina 'Christine' (Olofsfdotter-Olson)
& Anders Alfred Ersson / Eriksson / Erickson
Late 19th Century
Early 20th Century Swedish Tale
The Journey West to North Dakota in 1903

The Nelson Family
Painted Woods, North Dakota in 1918

Anders Alfred & Brita Kristina 'Christine
(Ersson Eriksson) Erickson Family History

Anders & Gerda (Miljander) (Nilsson) Nelson Family History
Written by Clara Amelia (Nilsson Nelson) Erickson

Ernest Anders, Brita Kristina 'Christine'
(Olofsfdotter-Andersson-Olson-Sundin) (Eriksson) Erickson
& Ronny Erickson Regan, ND 1926

The Nathan Family; Far Rockaway, Queens
NY Summer of 1939

Ernest Anders Erickson
Stonehenge in England

Anders & Gerda & August Frederick & Amelia (Nilsson Nelson)
& Petronella "Nellie' (Nilsson Nelson) Peterson Families
Painted Woods, North Dakota in 1918

A Family History - From the Garden
The Scandinavians
Sweden * North Dakota * Canada * California

Ernest Anders Erickson
Gatow Airfield - Berlin, Germany
F-104 Starfighter

The Tale of the Lease on the Croft
in Myssjön, Sweden
Great Aunt Sigrid Elisabet (Olofsdotter) Andersson
and her son, Olof Sigfried Andersson in 1924

Great Uncle & Aunt August Frederick &
Amelia 'Aunt Molly' Josephine
(Holm) (Nilsson) Nelson Family History
Painted Woods, North Dakota

Fresh Eggs- Painted Woods, North Dakota 1919
Clara Amelia (Erickson), Albert 'Bob' & Anton Nick (Nilsson) Nelson

Bernice Lane (Hesslein) &
Ernest Anders Erickson Venice, Ca 1999

Clara Amelia Yunhild (Nilsson)
Nelson Erickson, Lt. Ernest Anders,
Dian Marcella (Nassif Boutrous) Erickson

Ernest Julius Alfred (Ersson Eriksson)
Erickson 1914
Painted Woods, North Dakota

Frank Gustaf Severin
(Erssson-Eriksson) Erickson
& Lt. Ernest Anders Erickson
Bismarck - October 1943

Helmer Erickson's postcard
dated March 1911

Great Grandfather Benjamin Nathan 1895
Father of Blanche Rose (Nathan Bach) Hesslein
Grandfather of Benice Lane
(Hesslein Nathan) Erickson
New York City 1895

Clara Amelia Yunhild (Nilsson)
Nelson Erickson & Lt. Ernest Anders
Erickson - Bismarck October 1943

Lt. Ernest Anders & three year old sister
Dian Marcella (Nassif Boutrous) Erickson
Bismarck 1943

Dian Marcella (Boutrous) Erickson
Hollywood, Ca. 1959

John F. Kennedy & Floyd Nick Boutrous
Bismarck, ND - February 6th, 1960

The Erickson Family Farm 1909
Three Miles South of Regan, North Dakota

The gorgeous Dian Marcella (Erickson) Boutrous
Bismarck 1985

Ernest Anders, Dian Marcella, Clara Amelia
& Frank Severin Erickson 1941

John F. Kennedy & Floyd Nick Boutrous
Bismarck, ND - February 6th, 1960

President Lyndon B. Johnson &
Floyd Nick Boutrous - Bismarck 1964

Frank Severin & Dian Marcella Erickson
Fort Lincoln, Mandan, ND 1943

Frank Severin, Dian Marcella &
Lt. Ernest Anders Erickson - Bismarck 1944

Dian Marcella Erickson
Bismarck, North Dakota 1958

Dian Marcella Erickson
Bismarck, North Dakota 1944

Andy Anders Sebran Erickson (on right)
Wilton, ND 1912

Bernice Lane (Hesslein) Erickson
Sunset Beach Canal, Ca. 1969

Ernest Anders & Mark Jon Erickson
Sunset Beach, California

Michael Boutrous
University of Colorado at Boulder

Boutrous Brothers & Mark Erickson
Surfer Rosa - Bismarck, ND

Dian Marcella (Boutrous) Erickson &
Ernest Anders Erickson Bismarck 1949

Christine Brita (Olson), Anders,
Vera (Gallager), Alphons & Fred Erickson

Andy Sebran, Christine (Olson) &
Frank Severin Erickson Bismarck 1944

Kristina Brita 'Christine' (Olofsdotter Olsson)
and Anders Alfred (Ersson Eriksson) Erickson 1876 & 1881 & 1912

Frank Severin & Clara Amelia (Nelson)
Erickson; 1921 - Painted Woods, ND

Andy (Anders) Sebran Filimon Erickson
Wilton, North Dakota 1913

Alphons, Abbie Kristina (Lincoln) &
Vera Elvira (Gallagher) Erickson 1910

Great Uncle Frank
(Ersson-Eriksson) Erickson 1903
Greenbush Township-Mille
Lacs County, Minnesota

Great Great Grandfather Eric Ersson Erickson
Stockholm, Sweden 1870

Helmer & Ernest Julius Erickson
Sundsvall, Sweden 1895

Frank Severin & Dian (Erickson) Boutrous
Lost Battalion Reunion 1962

Frank Gustaf Severin Erickson 1916

Dian Marcella Erickson
Bismarck, North Dakota 1943

Erickson Family portraits

Erickson Family portraits

Clara Amelia (Nelson) & Frank Severin Erickson's
Marriage Certificate

Attas Senior & Della Boutrous's
Marriage Certificate dated 1910

The Nathan Bach Ripin Family
Far Rockaway, Queens 1905

Solomon Ripinsky

Great uncle Solomon Ripinsky
Post Office in Chilkat, Alaska 1892

Great uncle Sol Ripinsky
Post Office in Chilkat, Alaska 1900

The Nathan Bach Ripin Hesslein Family
Far Rockaway, Queens 1910

Bernice Lane Hesslein &
grandmother Blanche Rose (Nathan) Hesslein
Photographed by Life Magazine
photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt in 1941

Ernest Anders Erickson on Beachwood Drive in
Hollywood, Ca. 1960

My mother Bernice Lane Hesslein
in New York City 1945

Ernest Anders Erickson atop the
Missouri River High Bridge, Bismarck 1939

My Aunt Dian Erickson & Mark Erickson
Riverdale, North Dakota

Ernest Anders Erickson 1938
801 Jefferson Avenue
Bismarck, ND

Dian Marcella Erickson
Christmas 1944
Bismarck, ND

Dian Marcella & Bernice Lane Erickson
August 1954 - Bismarck, ND

Frank Severin Erickson 1917

Ernest Julius Erickson
& Friend - Erickson Studio
Wilton, ND 1915

Andy (Anders) Sebran Erickson 1910
Wilton, ND

Lt. Ernest Anders Erickson
P-47 Thunderbolt
June 1944 - Horham, England

Alex (Alexander) Charles Boutrous
'Dakota' Basketball Team 2017

Frank Severin Erickson 1917
Oregon Railroad Deputy
La Grande, Oregon

Bernice Lane (Erickson) Hesslein
1940; Watkins Glen, New York

Ann (Weber) Benson &
Chloe Berta Caviness
Boston 1975

Dian Marcella Erickson
1958 - Riverdale, ND

Bernice & Ernest Anders Erickson
Griffith Park, Los Angeles 1953

Frank Severin Erickson 1920
Liberty Memorial Bridge; Mandan - Bismarck, ND

Ernest Anders Erickson
Beachwood Drive
Hollywood, California

Bernice Lane
(Erickson) Hesslein
Hudson River, New York 1945

Great Great Grandparents
Karin Goransdotter
Olaf Petter Andersson
Sundsvall, Sweden 1875

Ruth (Ripin) Juda 1944
Far Rockaway, New York

Christine Brita Kristina
Ernest Anders Erickson
Ronald 'Ronny' Helmer Erickson
Regan, North Dakota 1925

Sigrid Elisabet (Olofsdotter-Andersson)
Solveig Lundquist
Sundsvall, Sweden 1935

Anders Petter 'Ante Sundin' Olofsson
A Tale of Ante Sundin

Anders Petter Ante Sundin
Lyngstern, Sweden 1927

Katarina Olivia
(Olofsdotter - Andersson) Backlund
Solveig Lundquist
Manitoba, Canada 1935

Erik Olof Sundin
Sundsvall, Sweden

Anders Petter 'Ante' Sundin &
Brita Kajsa Lindqvist Sundin Family
Lyngstern, Sweden 1925

On the Great Northern Plains of
The Badlands of North Dakota 1951

Once Upon a Time on The Farmlands of North Dakota 1938
Ernest Anders Erickson

Once Upon a Time on the Great Plains of Painted Woods
Clara Amelia (Nilsson Nelson) Erickson 1919

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